Role Playing Games


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Cartograph is a solo journaling RPG about map making, exploration, worldbuilding and resource management.

The heart of this game revolves around the creation of a map, which you will fill out with detail as you play. By the end of the game, you'll have created a unique map filled with interesting locations and history that you can use in most other fantasy role playing games.

Alpha Directive

Alpha Directive is a viscerapunk tabletop RPG set in the far flung future. Cities are powered by herculean organs. Hearts pump blood through the slipways, sinew and tissue power the machines within. Intestines run like subways moving bioroids and goods alike. Take the peristalsis highway to Calypso.

In Alpha Directive, you play a bioroid; an automaton housing a hybrid AI and the decaying remains of your old human consciousness. You have little memory as your life as a human.

Alpha Directive is a 80-page, self-contained tabletop RPG, complete with settings and system rules. Alpha Directive has a focus on background mechanics with fiction-first gaming at its heart.