The Ravensridge Emporium consists of two dice-loving rpg nerds turned dice makers; Jessie and Brandon Lee, based in Australia. We've been making dice and RPG props for our tabletop games for over four years now, and have since decided to start selling our craft. Both Jessie and I decided on the name and theme for our business after a wonderful, two year long campaign set in our homebrew world; Ravensridge; a dark gothic horror world of eldritch creatures and vampiric nightmares. We started our instagram account to log the journeys of the players throughout the campaign, so if you're interested in that story, head over to instagram to read our writeups!
If you are interested in the dice making craft either as a hobby or a business venture and have questions, feel free to ask; we're big proponents of freedom of information and love meeting others in the hobby!

Thanks for stopping by; we truly appreciate every ounce of support and love all the wonderful people who share our love for gorgeous click clacks.