Dice Commissions

If you would like a custom set of 7 polyhedral handmade dice, fill
out the form at the bottom of this page!

If you'd like to commission Cartograph dice,
please specify what colours you'd like for the
Landmark and Biome dice.

How it Works
After you submit the form, one of our lovely Ravens will be in touch via
email to get the process started. Once we have a grasp on the concept
you like and have agreed on a price and timeframe, we will begin making
your dice!

Custom dice sets are a serious undertaking, and from the time of contact to
sending off the dice can vary greatly. There are currently only two of
us working at the Emporium, so this entire process can take anywhere
from 2-12 weeks. Please bare this in mind and remember we are humans
with our own lives too!

Depending on the complexity of the request, our custom commissioned sets usually
range between $110 -$200 AUD. We will always confirm the price before we
start however, so you don't get caught out of pocket!